Beginner grow help

Hey so I have a few plants that started to droop horribly over the past 2 days and looking to remedy them before taking a loss. Any ideas I’ll take pics to no discoloration on leaves think it was over watering not sure

More than likely over watered pictures help don’t water until pots are light better to underwater versus over water let them dry out they will recover just fine

@Teffygreenthumb ya I hope so hopefully you could see the pics I’ll post in a few days thanks

Is the soil dry? I can’t tell if it’s wet or dry it’s either over watered or under watered if the pots are heavy and wet then it’s over watered if it’s dry and light then under

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No the under layer of soil is still moist I’m trying to let them dry out completely before anything another night should do it.

Needs watering.

plants exhausted. mist n lite water frequently

What these guys said…and do you have a way to elevate those pots off the floor? Something with some close slats or some kind of airflow would probably be good?