Bed bugs possibly in

Normally it wouldn’t be a question but I know someone that had just got in to growing. Tons is stuff. There trailer had bedbugs bad after the moved in to the point the left everything. It’s been 3 months. It was treated but they didn’t think it was working at the time so didn’t go back. I can have it all if I go get it. Is it worth it. It’s not worth it if I bring back bugs but I hate to see stuff go to waste and eventually Leo might walk in the place and find it. Then it doesn’t do anyone any good.

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What items are there ?

Is the risk worth the reward ?

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And how was it treated ?

Tyvec painters suit.

Duct tape legs to old boots

Duct tape arms to rubber gloves

Go get items

Clean said items

Can place items in a mattress bag made to kill bedbugs. keep outside until done.

Dont grab items and then brush hair lol

Dont lay on floor or bed in home

Finally when all is said and done. LoL at all the nice free stuff

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I really don’t need but hate to see it go to waste. Lights seeds (a lot) nutes. Mostly old tech leds


if you can get them in rubbermaid containers i use Nuvan strips on anything that cant be steamed or heat treated. we have had to get rid of bedbugs 3 times now crossfire spray is great if you can spray anything . bedbugs can get on your shoes and you wont see them and then u carry them where ever you go so be careful


Get it and pretend your doctor following coronavirus protocol. You’ve probably never been more prepared in your life to make a move like this lol.

What are the chances you will go get the stuff and treat it, and then people will expect you to give it back?

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