Beastie bloomz when to use

When should I start my beastie bloomz and calmag that’s all I have it’s my first grow my plants are 30 days old and I ph at 6.3

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Do you guys recommend anything else I’m just stuck on when to start the nutrients

It’s probably time to top them and use the cuttings for clones.

Feeding schedule looks like this;

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There’s more info needed to help you out…
What soil are you using?
Beastie Bloomz is a blooming nute - you’re probably gonna need other nutrition to get you to that point as most people veg for at least 6-8weeks before initiating flowering. And even then, BB is just 1 of 3 nutrients in the dry FF line up.

The more info you can provide about your set-up the better the information you’ll get back.
If this is your first grow I’d disregard the cloning suggestion - probably not ready for that yet! LOL! And it’s not a requirement. Just concentrate on the plants you have now.

Things are a little less active around here the first half of the week but you’ll soon be overwhelmed with info, I’m sure.

Good Luck to you!!


Don’t forget that your plant(s) need a complete nutrient solution. If you are using Fox Farm, it would be Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom. Beastie Bloomz is a flowering booster and it is not a complete product on its own.

I use Beastie Bloomz during weeks 3, 4, 5, and 6 of flowering. In terms of boosters, Open Sesame is for the first couple of weeks of flowering and Cha Ching is for the last couple of weeks of flowering.


I do the same as here where I use the Beastie Blooms but I do it weeks 3,4, and 5 in the flowering because I also use other Fox Farm boosters.

This is the feeding I try to stay close to I only alter a few of the recommendations to where I think is right.

I do similar and add Open Sesame weeks -1, 1 and 2, and then Cha Ching during weeks 7 and 8. There’s no particular reason I don’t strictly follow the schedule. Maybe I should modify my schedule. I’ve never actually looked at the schedule before today and just did what seemed to make sense.

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@MrPeat uses FF whole line. Might have a thing or two to add here.


@Nef If you want to stick with FF, then here you go.

You really only need the following:

These 3 are liquid.

Big Bloom = Feed for the full grow cycle.

Grow Big = up to week 9.

Tiger Bloom = full flower to the end.

These 3 are dry amendments. Not required but helps.

Open Sesame = week 4 to 6. Two are flowering.

Beastie Bloomz = week 7 and 8.

Cha Ching = week 9 to 12.

You don’t need the dry amendments as two of them are very short usage. Now Cha Ching is another matter.

Of course this all depends on if its new soil or old. New soil you are good for 4 to 6 weeks. So you wouldn’t use any FF till the start of flowering generally speaking.

Old soil you can start to add nutrients soon as it breaks surface.

The three liquid is all you really need for the cheap side. I started out using just the 3 liquid. Then I added the 3 dry amendments.

Now I am using Dirty Dozen. Many will say that is to much different bottles. Yeah it is…no doubt. The results of using the entire line has stepped up my trichomes big time. Even my main stalk has trichomes on it.

Now if you want to make life easier, go with Jack’s 321. Its made for simplistic use aka the same amount through the entire cycle if I understand it correctly. Part A, Part B and Epsom Salt.

Most of Dirty Dozen was used. I did start with brand new soil so all was used. This is including Kelp Me, Kelp You and Wholly Mackerel. :+1::+1::+1:

Jacks is easy. FF is also easy once you know what to do aka reading the feeding chart. Liquids go bad and Jacks dry powder should have a way longer shelf life.


You can add from seed to harvest, just control the amount by ppm ?

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Yup this all I got thank you

Cha Ching has enough nitrogen in it to help Carry them until pre-flower and than you would want to add in your beastie a bit so they can build more roots for the bloom phase. 9-50-10 is a better NPK for seed to harvest verse 0-50-30 I believe , unless your soil has enough nitrogen in it , you should be good !

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@Nef you can get you a bottle of Alaska Fish fertilizer 5-1-1 and run that at 5-8 mls a gallon with a scoop of beating should be about 200ppm and depending on what age stage they are in is how much ppm you want to give them ?
10-20-10 !

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