Bad weather.I am fed up with that

Uploading… I haven’t fixed it yet.:sob:


That sucks
My heart goes out to you
I am a newb and cant imagine
But from the looks of it you been kickin ass so dont let it get ya down
Kick some more ass and things will be back on trac before uou know it!!:blush::blush:

I bought a green house and im not sorry I did. when its bad weather just slip them in it. looks like a good grow coming there. for sure you got the numbers. good luck don’t give up

I used to work in the construction business and when I complained about the impact of weather on my project
my boss always said don’t worry the weather it can take care of itself. All you can do is what you know is best for your plants,before long you may be experiencing a drought.Best of luck

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Thank you for planting happiness😄

Thank you for planting happiness😃

Thank you for planting happiness😁

CHECK OUT WHERES WALLDO. I just posted it have a great day

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:frowning_face:you can not catch a break, that sux :frowning_face:
y’all have been getting some poo weather
Don’t give up the good fight though, you got a lot in this and I do luv your set up.

Thank you, my friend.

Hope recovery is going ok
If there is anything I can do let me know
I cant fly out to China but even if ya need to vent let me know my friend👍🏼

god bless all the people effected by harvey


thank you.The harvest has begun



Oh thank you.There is no wind in this period.:smile:

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Lookin good!!:+1:t2::+1:t2:

Can I buy some from you?? PLEASE!
I don’t have a place to grow on my own otherwise I’d love to do it.


yes ok Are you in China?


Lost your contact, let me know if you are still there

看到了发个消息给我 escapeplan-