Bacteria with mineral nutrients?

Hello i was wondering if mineral nutrients like the Remo set would harm beneficial bacteria and fungi.
I asked the guy at the hydrostore and he said he would recommend using them together because the nutrients would kill of the mycorhiza and trichoderma.
So for the experts: is he right or not ?
Thanks a lot
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I am about as far as you can get from a chemist or biologist but what the “guy at the hydro store” said makes absolutely no sense to me. If the nutrients contain some sort of antimicrobial agent or a fungicide then yes it would be harmful.
I use Jack’s 321, not exactly your mineral based nutrient, and it does well with bacteria and fungal product supplements.
Possibly @MrPeat would have something to add.


Thanks thats what i think too, nutrients should be nutrients i dont think it makes a difference if mineral or organic.
I will call biotaps tomorrow just to make sure i can add their product right to the nutrient solution.
Thank you for sharing your experience :pray::grin:

I used advanced nutrients Iguana line before switching to 321 as my primary. I still use many of AN supplements as add-on to Jacks. Voodoo Juice (microbes & bacteria) and Piranha (fungi) and others. When I run out of these I am going to try Fish SH’T from fish head farms.


@NND From what I can see, it does say its beneficial bacteria and fungi. Now they do say to start feeding on the 2nd set of leaves. You also use RO water with their product line.

What I would do is send them a email and verify. I have never heard of Remo Nutrients till now.

Almost the whole line is liquid nutrients. Its designed to be an easy uptake of their nutrients.

Honestly…for the ease of use and long term storage dry amendments is better IMHO. Liquid nutrients breaks down over time.

Remo is kinda of expensive as well. I would more than likely go with Jacks 321.

Again I would reach out to Remo and go from there.

Edit: Remo post on Facebook states it does not harm bacteria.


Thorough breakdown as always. Thanks for the input. Chance to dust off some of those college cobwebs. :+1:

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I try to be informative as possible. Its nice dusting off all that knowledge once in awhile. :joy::joy::joy::+1::+1::+1:

Now they don’t mention Fungi. I believe you it would be fine as it doesn’t harm bacteria. But don’t quote me on the Fungi part.

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I never used dry amendments but i really like the idea of it.
I like remo because it is somehow really available here in europe every hydro store sells it other then remo they mainly have biobizz , GH , AN
I think remo is a really clean product too because he mainly made it for medicinal growers like himself wich is a nice fakt i my opinion.
I never heard of jacks but i will look it up.

Thank you so much for the input.:grin:

It is made by JR Peters but is labeled Jack’s Nutrients. No idea if available in Europe

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That makes perfect sense with you in Europe. You may not be able to get what we have access to and vice versa.

Remo seems good by what I have found.

You can’t get Jacks 321 in Europe. They say only for the USA and Canada.

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Yes thats true, you should check out Remo’s Youtube channel, he grow really pretty plants and his grow room is one of the finest i have ever seen.

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