Back to back growing!

I made my own DIY germination chamber while my harvest is still drying in my tent! Looks like crap but will get the job done for the next 10-14 days! 18/6 light schedule and didn’t do the fast germination method this time since I just want it to slowly grow until it’s time to put them in the tent. Put humidity domes over them and now just waiting. Lighting is on its lowest setting currently also

I finally remembered what on earth I was doing.

I haven’t up-potted or cut up that Lemon Tree monster yet. But here’s a solo cup lady to show why pot size doesn’t really matter.

Here’s also an under-watered plant so anyone who wants to have a good photo example can see:

More solo cup pots (ignore the plant top in my hand :sweat_smile:) - only the big one in the center of the tent is in anything larger than 16oz.