Autumn Autos 2019

Hey, hey, hey you Potheads and Ganjagrowers! Welcome to my Autumn 2019 Grow. All autos, all organic, all the time!

We’re gonna be rockin and boppin to you live from my 25ft² grow space (two 2.5x5x7 tents), burning bright with 2 hlg 320xl v2 dimmable qb lights. The playlist is a moving and grooving mix of sativa Blues and cheesy Blues, with a couple other oddballs thrown in to shake things up:
Tent A The Cheese Tent–>6 plants
Blue Cheese–from 3 different breeders
Possible guest star CBD auto, tba

Tent B The Blues Tent–>4 plants
Blue Dream’atic
Blue Pearl
Blue Amnesia XXL
Critical Blue

All of this coming live from 5 gallon fabric pots filled with 2.5 gallons Promix Bx, 1.25 gallon Happy Frog, ½ gallon Perlite, ½ gallon Coco, and 1 tsp Recharge.

The ladies love groovin out to their Earth Juice Original 5, AN’s Root Trio & Nirvana, NFTG’s Demeter & Persephone, and Real Grower’s Recharge. 4th show with this soundtrack, but watch out now, cause the girls are going to go wild! Everything has been tuned and tweaked and there’s going to be significantly more cowbell! Oh, this party is going to be canntastic!

Now, let me take it down a notch. Can ya dig it, babybaba? Let’s talk grow goals:
–Improve VPD during all stages of grow, using the equipment I currently have;
–Once they get going, tailor the feed to each individual pot, even when that gets to be a pain;
–LST all The Blues;
–Figure out Big Buddha’s Blue Cheese (4th grow);
–2 oz minimum all plants (hoping for much more, but I won’t be happy with less than 2/per);
–Keep better journaling habits
–Rock out with my…sock out

Stay tuned for the show! The live growing won’t begin for a month, but let the grow-talk start…now.

I’m listening.



And everyone else my pot addled brain is completely spacing on. It’s not that I don’t love all you potheads, but, you know…pot. I’ll keep tagging as my brain releases your names from the current hostage situation.


I missed that you picked up an extra 320 rig, sweet! Hopefully it’s a smooth and bountiful grow too


Well, I haven’t gotten it yet, but I will have it by the time growing starts. :grinning: Bye bye blurple bishes.


Yay!! Woohoo you’re back to journaling! I love reading your journals :grin: and you know I’m along for the ride Girl! Thanks for the tag :wink:


Ahhhhhh, I figured I would’ve noticed such. You’ll be in great shape with them.


Dude im outta likes but willing to go to ur old grow and cannabilize a few.

But here and watching as always. Best of luck u putz!


Set to watching, if you’ll have me…love growing Autos…good luck on the grow…maybe I’ll learn a few more things


Heck yeah I’m along for the ride!




Good to see you around :grin: I like the blue grow. I had been planning one for a while. And some thing else all ways changes it. I still have 5 strains waiting for some day to come lol
Mixing the different mediums is not going to cause feeding or watering problems? In any case. I am here to watch :+1: I hope it is a great one :+1:


This is my 2nd time running this with Coco, my 4th time with the other 4 products in combo. No issues in those grows, medium wise. :grinning: Let’s hope that trend keeps up.

Just trying to ensure lotsa aeration, plus slowly ease into Coco. Next year, I might do 50/50 coir/happy frog, then move to straight Coco. It being better for the environment is my only reason to switch. Hoping to keep the organics in Coco, too.


Watching and learning :nerd_face:


So much pressure! Welcome to my grow…well, pregrow. :grinning:


Woohoo :raised_hands: 2
they definitely will be burning bright.
I’m excited to watch you rock this grow. They all sound delicious but
Blue Amnesia XXL sounds great. I bet she’s gonna be a beauty. I was reading up on it and they say it’s not suitable for users who aren’t used to consuming cannabis…sounds wonderful to me.
I’m set to watch. Thanks for the tag :v::green_heart:


Exactly! When weed comes with that kind of warning, I’m all in!

As for the light, I could go with the respec model of the v2, but decided to just go with the same model I already have. I want both tents running the same lights…finally! In a couple years, I’ll have $ to upgrade both.


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Tks for the invite , channel set and watching :wink:


:grin: You and me both. Good to see you back on this side, we all missed you.
All the best on this grow :+1:


Watching and learning from the whisperer. Hope it’s ok to invite myself in