Autos taking way too long

I’m growing auto girl scout cookies in a green house. I planted them 16 weeks ago, and there supposed to go from seed to harvest in 10 weeks. It’s been a warm to hot summer. I’ve been using ph’d water, fox farm big bloom. The buds and colas are amazing, huge and dense, but I’ve still have mostly white pistils. Just wondering if anyone else has run into this, wear its taken so long to get to harvest. I mean it’s looking like I still have a couple weeks left, taking total time for these autos to 18 weeks.


I personally am waiting on an auto seeds that actually finish in 10 weeks, mine are close to 100 days.


My last grow grow was a little over 90 days.

oops a bud fell off. i guess i better test it to see how it is lol


“Supposed to”. But that’s ad copy… Mine went 12.

If someone could actually develop autos that would turn out 3-4oz of bud in 10 weeks, they’d be rich.


@pptrsha1 a bud fell off? I’m more of a branch removal type. I justify it too, like oh look at that little branch with three popcorn buds on it. They aren’t big buds so if I remove it that will let more light in. It also would be wrong to throw those buds out what a waste I will just smoke them I guess.


yeah yeah yeah that is the right way!


I may or may not have pulled some bottom larf off my girl that’s drying right now… :laughing:


What they call it when the whiskey barrels soak up a portion of the barrel. Oh yeah the Devil’s Cut… Lol


I got an auto running up on week 12 rn. Started ripening up quickly over the last few days. Just stay on her and when trichs start getting cloudy you can stress her to push a faster finish…freezing water flush for example longer dark periods etc.

Got some Gga that’s 11 weeks just starting preflower. 3 of them outside never flipped on their own.

Mephisto Creme De La Chem and Skywalker easily meet that yield right at 70 days.
Others that come in just a little smaller(2.5-3oz) but in less time:
4 A**ed Monkey
3 Bears OG

Fast Buds is also known for some good stuff…

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I’ve been eyeballing several FastBuds autos. From what I’ve seen they seem to have some of the best autos out right now.

Mine usually take about 5 weeks till they start to develop white pistiles, and then ilgms flower guide per strain will give approx flower time in weeks. My Autoflower white widowed took around 16 weeks to harvest. I waited until about 25% of the tricomes were Amber in color.