Autos, Increasing light schedule during flowering, thoughts?

Hello all,

I an only referring to autoflower and not photo period (just to clarify) :stuck_out_tongue: So, I would like to start germing my next round of auto’s soon. I have ran my first two plants on 18/6 the entire time. This time I am growing another ww auto from ilgm and a candy kush auto from another breeder. Their recommendation is a 20/4 light schedule and I browsed and read others grow journals on the same strain. mostly 20/4 was the best yield.

The question I have and I feel the answer would be, no: Would increasing the amount of hours a auto flower receives during the last couple weeks of flower confuse/stunt/ or harm my grow?

I would appreciate any feedback!

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Not sure… that’s a good question… :thinking:
Tag me in if you decide to guinea pig a couple … I’m interested to see what happens… :wink:

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I will let ya know for sure!

@peachfuzz, I switched from 18/6 to 20/4 today. I’ll let ya know if I see any decrease in growth or any other differences from the norm. Hoping I don’t screw this up hahah! But, can’t learn if you don’t f up

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