Autos and Lighting/PPFD/DLI

So I FAILED miserably with my first attempt in my indoor tent last summer, blasted the heck out of the little plants I “tried” to grow and had no clue as to PPFD and DLI and found it actually confusing as heck to understand… WELL… I’m going for it again… this round with a little more ammunition under my belt with knowledge and finally understanding a little bit better about PPFD/DLI… check out this youtube link for a really good podcast session about PPFD/DLI and how it pertains to AUTOFLOWERS… I really enjoyed this episode and it made things a bit more clearer as to the route I’m taking… hope this helps…


Tent buddy,

PPFD METER these are a help to understand a little better. I think the Tent Buddy takes the guess work out.

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thats great!! Even more ammo!.. I wanted to post this for just the basic understanding of how this all works which they seem to go over in the video in “laments” terms… I think any other “app” or instrument would greatly help in figuring this all out, it seems for me to comprehend all this is a bit confusing at times and like a simple explination… thanks for the input, I’ll check it out…

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@Bunger64 free app or like Photone?

Free App works great on my android


Education is key my friend! Glad to see you doing some research for yourself! Sometimes just knowing why and what and how it affects the plant is more important than trying to make it perfect.

Excited to see your next grow!

PS I fried my first run switching to led… amazing how far the lighting technology has came over the years.