Autopots for stupid Jason

Hello everyone!

I figure this is going to eventually going to be journal for my autopot adventure. However, the HVAC vent in my spare bedroom isn’t working so I’m trying to fix that before I start a new grow. However, the silver lining is it gives me a chance to overthink and prepare more!!! I added a support ticket below and here comes my dumb questions!!!

First, when I add water to the coco, I was reading that you want to use ph’d water and a nutirent mix. How much should I use?

Do you have a set schedule for watering in coco before turning on the system?

Is GH PH down good enough for keeping PH levels?

I know I am missing some questions and will keep adding until I can finally kick it off!

As always thank you everyone!!!

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Also, I’m more than open to advice that i didn’t think of

I fill a 5 gallon bucket with Jack’s nutrient solution and use a gallon at a time to rehydrate my Canna Coco. I honestly don’t recall how much it takes but each brick is less than 5 gallons to rehydrate. I think.

Yes. The thing about your pH is that it will inherently drift the longer water sits in your reservoir, so check it once every couple of days I suggest, and adjust it down as needed periodically.


Welcome to the world of coco and autopots. Those two along with Jacks makes a great combination.
2 Pot setup? Good light choice.
When I transplant into the spring pots I always add Great White to the hole and root ball. Get those microbes going. When you use microbes (FishSh’t is good sh’t and I use it or Tribus original) they need to be fed. I use bud candy from Advanced Nutrients but there are a lot of sugar / carbohydrate products for that purpose.
Once in spring pots I top feed for a couple of weeks. At the same time I add the nutrient mix to the tray. You want the roots to grow down toward the eventual source. This is probably longer than necessary but I don’t have anything else to do. Because it is coco I feed every day.
Seedlings - feed at 400 - 500ppm
Veg - full strength
Photo of first transplant from tray to 1 gallon transplanter - day 14±

I think they needed a higher ppm than I was giving them - more like 750 rather than 500. Each plant / strain may be different. These GDP were heavy feeders
Transplant into spring pot - day 33

GH down & up are good products to use.
How much to feed - until 20% runoff. That is the beauty of coco. You can not drown them. Jack’s is cheap so runoff is not a big deal other than collecting and disposing of it it. I feed outdoor plants with it.
50/50 mix is really light. I go closer to 70/30 or 60/40. I is plenty light and drains well.
I also add CalMag when first hydrating canna bricks. PH to 5.8.
I also preload the coco with Jack’s prior to filling any pot. Drench what you will use with Jacks a day before transplanting into it.
Lots of autopot / coco / Jacks users around here. Fire away with questions.


I thought of one!

Do I add Jacks and everything each time I fill the reservoir?

Any recommendations for a wave maker for the res as well?

@Nicky is an autopot pro, search his postings, likely full of good info.

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Oh yeah. I think I have read just about everything he has posted

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Up to you. I usually just let my reservoir drain fully and then refill it fresh again, full nutes and the whole schtick. Some folks will top off continuously and just monitor pH/PPMs and only add as needed.


That seems like the easiest option which means thats the option for me!!!

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Seeds went into supplication bags Thursday and this morning i dropped them into the pots. The mephisto was actually fully sprouted. Used tweezers to gently place into coco. A few hours later and it looks like it might survive

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