Autoflowers what do y’all think healthy and good looking for week 5?

What do y’all think they are Autoflowers in week 5 in coco mix being fed general hydroponic nutes line and yes that’s de on the leaves I use it to kill any fungus gnats flyers tell me what y’all think and any tips would be appreciated


I think they look perfect

Really nice.

Welcome aboard. They look healthy. Need some trimming i believe. Thick in middle and bottom. Some airflow will help.

Put the de on the soil to kill the gnat larvae. Putting it on leaves will do nothing since leaves play no part in the lifecycle of a fungus gnat.

You need to treat every plant in the house to kill off all the gnats, and even then they can re-enter the house when doors open so the battle may continue for the season. The de will continue working for months.

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Welcome to the neighborhood :grinning:


Thanks bud

Does this look like a deficiency or problem to y’all? The light green colored leaves? Thanks

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Do you water on the DE? Or try to avoid it? My first grow was miserable with pest problems and I put the DE on the soil, after watering it turned to a hard crust. Also made me curious if it effected PH of soil in any fashion.

New growth will look like that it’s normal @Smokey1996 plant looks good from what this newb can tell!

Here’s my wwa ( white widow auto ) I think 5 weeks and like 3 days. Seen it said a few times. Don’t judge yours by someone else’s. Some take longer, some need flipped to 12/12. Some won’t stop growing :joy:. A roll of the dice from what I’ve seen with mine and read about on here. Also my first so learning as I go.

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Personally, when I have fungus gnat problems I just sprinkle mosquito bits on the soil of every plant in the house. Very effective in killing off the gnats and extremely easy to use.

Sprinkling the de on the plant is just asking for the possibility of it getting mixed in with the buds and you end up smoking it,

Other plant pests best to use captain jacks.

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Looking good bro

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@Smokey1996 thanks