Autoflower Yield?

So I ordered 20 (10 + 10 free) white widow autos & 3 Northern Lights autos from Rob, and should be getting em in the next few weeks. Im gonna be planting them outside in 5-10 gallon pots, using about half the natural soil around here (good for corn/tomatoes) and the other half with worm castings, perlite, and peat moss. I’ll have regular access & they will be in a greenhouse while young, so if I were to grow things right about what yield could I expect? (I’ve seen anywhere from. 1/2 oz to 6 oz.)

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I think Robert said 10 autos can yield a pound?


There is no way for anyone to give you any type of a clue. to many thing to mention that could effect your yeild


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@garrigan62 On the autoflower mixpack, it claims some of the autoflowering strains can yield up to 15 oz cannabis outdoors. I know it depends on a lot of factors, but is this actually achieveable? And is it 15 oz dried or wet?

Any plant outside can yield an easy 16-20 ounces .