AutoFlower White Widow Worries

I ordered the Auto White Widow and I have one growing nicely I believe. (This is my first ever grow) The plant is a foot tall and about 16 inches wide. Good soil was used. Happy frog by Fox Farm and I have the fox farm trio of nutrients with ph up and ph down as well so ive always maintained a well balanced soil and water PH. Today makes day 28 since this seed broke soil. Everyone is telling me it should have been flowering by now and I see no signs of that. Was on a budget so its a CFL grow and I made a homemade grow box just big enough to grow 2 at at time. I’m using 3 gallon mesh smartpots which I was told was big enough for the strain and autoflower. I know to go light on nutrients and not to stress autos at all. I’ve done my research but I’m just worried about it starting to flower. I’m going to switch to the 2700k spectrum now in the CFL bulbs and I have a 2 ft High Output T5 fixture with a 5500k bright white and a blue for veg which I’m going to switch out to red for flower and 2700k all the way to see if that helps. I have my light timers at 18/6. I know auto flowers whole thing is light schedules don’t matter , or don’t trigger the plant into flowering stage but would 12/12 help me at all? or am I just being paranoid lol. Will post pics. Please anyone experienced feedback would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks y’all. One love!

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Give it another week or so. This was my WWA at exactly 28 days:

And this is what it looked like 9 days later:


Oh, and I recommend a full 12-13 weeks for the ILGM WWA, don’t harvest early! Check your trichromes. Mine never got to amber, but I cut one at 10 weeks and one at 13, and was much happier with the later harvest.

your plant is already showing signs of preflower. I had one of my three start flowering about ten days behind the other two. Not a huge issue as the plant is very healthy. Switching over to 2700K may help your case but I would not be worried at all as autos are not quite an exact science. You are doing great, welcome to ILGM

thanks a lot guys for the advice …this is my first auto flower experience …can anyone kind of just let me know what to do from here as the transition happens to flowering? Keep using the whole FF nutrients trio? or just the bloom ones and Bushdoctor? Any advice on nutes? And is this CFLand T5 Grow at 16,500 lumens going to be acceptable for flower stage ? Or will yield be horrible and I’m going to need a 250w HPS at least. Any tips or tricks u homies got up ur sleeves let me know. Wana make this white widow !@#in bangin!!! one love

Do you have the FF schedule?

Just follow it starting Week 5. The great thing about CFLs, as opposed to, say, LED, is that (from what I’ve read) you can never have too much. It would take a LOT of CFL to burn the plants. So if I were you and didn’t mind the extra wattage, I’d throw another one or two 2700K CFLs with reflectors on either side. 42W bulbs if you can find them, or 23W would be fine with what you’ve already got.

Of course, since I own 2 and love them, I’d recommend a MarsHydro300 LED for your next grow! :slight_smile:

How many “true” (not “equivalent” – for example, a 60W “equivalent” CFL is only 13 or 14 “true” Watts) Watts do you have now? 100W should be plenty, 150W would be better. But realistically, despite what I said about “never too many CFL,” once you get to 200W/sq-ft or more, you’re just kind of wasting energy, because the plant can only process sugar so fast! :wink:

But to answer your question succinctly, yes, 10,000 lumens per square foot should be plenty (7500 would actually be plenty!).

Lol yea I kno about true watts. For this one plant I got 140 true watts on it, which should be plenty.

I did some maintenance and trimmed the lower leaves today. Will this in anyway hurt the plant or stress it or just idk hinder growth??

if it is an auto you risk stressing the plant and causing it to hermie… most often though the time it takes to recover from the stress just reduces the yield.

autos have a set lifetime and any stress caused takes up time, time the plant could be using to produce buds…but instead it is recovering from shock and stress.


I’m still a beginner myself, so I’m just sharing my limited experience, but I think you’re good. As long as you keep giving it nutes and light, those buds should really start to fill out by Week 10.

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