Autoflower Super Mix seed pack

The seed pack consists of Gorilla Glue auto, Bruce Banner auto, and GSC Extreme auto. 5 seeds of each.

I started one of each with a 3/3 germ rate. They are all grown in a tent under a Mars Hydro ts3000. In 3.5 gallon pots using a mix of Ocean Forest and Happy Frog soils. No nutes as of yet other then cal-mag with every other watering.

At day 37 and the GG is doing as expected, but the GSC and BB are absolutely amazing!

The GSC is stacking on the pistils like crazy…more then double maybe triple what the other two are putting on so far.

The buds that are forming on the BB are purple with bright white pistils!! The calyxes started turning purple right after they showed hairs, and have only gotten darker as they have grown. The small sugar leaves are turning purple as well!

I can not wait to see how this grow turns out!

Cheers all and Happy Growing!!


Welcome to the community.

Welcome! You got yourself a colorful pheno!

Thank you both. Yeah…I’m rather blown away by it!!

Welcome. She’s going to be beautiful when she grows up

Absolutely!! I will try to do weekly updates on them.

Plant looking great haven’t grown a colorful plant yet

Yeah same here this is my first, and it caught me totally by surprise!