Autoflower Strains

I’m new to indoor grows, and since I can easily control the light cycle to induce flowering in a tent, I decided to use non-auto feminized seeds for indoors.

Looking ahead to outdoor grows next year, are auto flowering strains popular? I had read auto plants have rather anemic yields and suggested to stay away from autos. I feel the plus side is that the plant stays small for lo-visibility. Plus I can stagger a couple of grows and make a harvest mid-summer to keep a supply and not wait til fall to make one outdoor harvest.

Long story short…are auto’s worth a look for outdoor grows?

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Don’t be fooled, autos can get big. But yes, the yields are usually less and they are more finicky to grow. Things that photos shake off can really effect an auto.


Yes they are,my first grow going well.


WOW. Is training required with Autos or are these plants growing untrained?

LST and a bit of love and attention, just do some reading here on autos to get your head around it,these first three could have been better if I had the knowledge I have now but I might prove myself wrong with these two younger ones,time will tell but at least this noob gunner have a Merry Christmas .


Heres 2 ilgm wwa grown indoor


not an outdoor plant but here is a amnesia haze auto…

she is on the left…just starting to flower… ILGM genetics


White Widow Auto Outdoors LST’ed-


I am GREEN with envy. One day I’ll be there too!

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Holy hell what the hell you feeding that thing @NavyVet420

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This was my first ever year growing, AF was the easiest option for me being outdoors and an unfriendly state, size is important. My first sprouts popped May 5th and I have been going none stop. I have 5 more to harvest by mid November, a grand total of 15 plants harvested in one year. I will def do it diff next year, my hot humid rainy weather conditions are unkind for outdoor growing. 2 plants netted me 3 oz so going on that assumption, 15 plants would equal about 7 or 8 oz per year.

@Sirsmokes, FF Trio

This is current WWA due for harvest in November:

The cooler night temps are purpling up my sugar leaves.


I highly recommend AF due to ease of growing, size (even thoug I have seen some 5’ AF strains, it all depends on how much room you give your roots to grow). I grow in 7 gal fabric pots, highly recommend, and feed twice weekly up to 2 weeks before harvest.