Autoflower lighting whens

Should auto flowers light be 20 or 12 for flowering and when do I crank my lights to 107,000 lumens from the lousy 2700 to 3000!

Personal preference. With the light hours. They will flower when the mood strikes them under either timer.

20-4 has benefits if your lights arent the most intense.

But if ur rocking the lumens for certain and plants can hit DLI (Daily Light Integral/interval/some I-word)in 12 hours, why waste the extra electricity?

What kind of light you running?

From what distance?

How old are the plants?


they are gorilla glue just finished week 4 they are budding( some have nice bud sites with hairs) I kinda have a mars hydo FC E 4800 in a 4 by 4 tent. I say kinda cause it lit up and couldent look at it, turned it down to put the plants back in and it never went back up. Its been a week of calling amazon and mars with no response so called my c.c. company. I have a mars fc3000 and it worked great till I got the 4800 (so if you have any recommendations for a good light) I have a bunch of high pressure sodium ballast and a couple metal halide so my next set up might be old school! I will use both for this grow or pop a 400 watt HPS in there but at what point I have a light meter and net to make it easy

This is were I page the light Doc. @dbrn32 i know u know plenty.

4x 4 tent. He has quite a few as u can see. So which would you run for now.

And 4 x 4 is the 350 r spec?

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probably the other mars EC 3000 and the 4800 until I can track down a ballast or by pass that one. and no just a stock mars light

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If you have flower sites forming i would start gradually increasing your light intensity every few days.


until tip burn yea!! JK

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thanks a lot you helped


No i was asking if the 350 r spec was the HLG recommendation for a 4 x 4. That would be my next purchase if I were u. Send the mars back if possible and bite the buck bullet. U wont regret it.

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mars said it was and it was BRIGHT! All it needs is a ballast I have done maintenance 30 plus years. What is HLG

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I think they just wrote it off. MARS so I have a expensive clone light

Horticulture Lighting Group. New fangled LED makers. Kinda the easy way to upgrade lighting imo. They have tons of lights. Just need the grow space size and voila

Its not that. Mars lights can grow some decent pot. Just you were having issues with one and asked about upgrading. That was my recommendation.


thanks I will give them a try is there a link here

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Sorry not an approved vendor. Just type hlg 350 r spec in a search engine like google. Or u could look around the forum. There’s a big crowd here

thank you

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No prob Bob

I have an mars hydro fc3000 and my dimmer has two switches, one on both sides of the dimmer box. If one of those switches is in the wrong position, you can’t dim or brighten. This is good if you Daisy chain lights together, it can help avoid accidental reductions or increases out of unison. Check and see if you have the same and if perhaps one isn’t switched as it should be. Also I have had it take mars a couple days to respond. Not the best, but they always reply.

Hlg has some sale going
A 320w xl rspec $412. I paid 485

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Also there is a discount code at check out just put in DUDE and you get 10% off

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Nope I tried it but thanks. I think I will put my other light in between this one then should have more than enough. Thanks for all the help. My next room will be HID bullet proof and I can fix and trouble shoot

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