Autoflower “groot” grow questions

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is well today and doing good on a Monday.

Groot looks a bit weathered today. Got a bit cold last night. Noticed the droop today. Much more bushiness today for the 3rd week on the top but a slight dip on the leaves

Anyone know anything about this? My ph was fine, No new nutrients, I watered it last night, and spraying the outside of the grow tent.

I don’t see any discoloration. Thank you for the help all :slight_smile:


It could just be the cold. Plants don’t take up water as well when the soil is cold.
I want to suggest that you stick with a single thread/topic for future questions. Lots of us watch the latest posts and try to answer without a long delay. Sticking with a thread keeps all the history in one place and we wont wind up asking the same things over and over. If you want someone in particular just tag them like this @Americanrussian5o5 with the “@” symbol in front of their name, no space in between.
This topic would be perfect to keep as the title is spot on.
Plant looks good. You might want to add some perlite to the soil when you transplant. Cannabis likes loose soil and air pockets for the roots.


Looks overwatered to me. I’d let it dry out really well, and keep it warm.


Maybe just waking up, overwatered. What is the reason for spraying outside of tent?


Hit the nail on the head. Colder temps means less water uptake. Less water uptake means wetter roots for longer time period. Thus the slight droop. No major cause for alarm. If they dont perk up today, give an extra day or two between waters and try to get that temp up a bit


Thank you I feel like I overwatered it.

I’m airing and put a heating pad down

The soil was cool to the touch


I watered the inside walls. I spray to keep a good 70% humidity.

You guys solved my problem. I overwatered it and it getting cold last night it dropped.

I Added a heating pad under the pot and the pot is getting warm now since I have it on medium.


Going to tag along on the grow.
Have a Groot going as well here
ILGM GG4, popped soil 1/30

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