Auto seedling Leaves curling up

Couple days ago I made my first post and most said the plant was ok.
Over the past 5 days the leaves curled up. I moved the plant under the Mars Hydro thinking it needed more light.
The seed shell was attached up until yesterday when I popped it off with a toothpick.
Plant is Auto Sour Diesel
It popped from the dirt May 3rd
It is tiny compared to other 2 week old auto plants I see online.
Mars Hydro is running 24/7 several inches above the leaves
Misting with water once a day
Currently Planted in miracle Gro. Fox Farm happy frog arriving today from Amazon.
Not sure it is stable enough for a transplant.
It had a horrible lean so I propped it up with a toothpick

Anything I can do to save this lil gal?

Probably this is the culprit. I’d start another one in Happy Frog when you get it in.

Light way too close as well, move that light so it’s about 18-20 inches above the top of the plant.

Yes while I was typing this up and checking stats I realized the temp was pretty HOT from the light and moved the light pretty good ways away.