Auto’s versus Fem seeds

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I would choose scotoperiod sensitive (photo) plants, regular or feminized, because they allow me to keep mother plants. Once I identify a female plant that produces the effect I want on my body, I want to keep that plant in my grow room as long as possible. Mother plants held in a 16on/8off light cycle can periodically be trimmed to produce cuttings which then get rooted. These cuttings are identical genetically to the mother, and can yield identical results if grown correctly.

Feminized seed is produced by forcing a female plant to produce pollen. The pollen can be applied to either a different female plant, or the female flowers of this false male. The latter is called “selfing.”

Contrary to popular opinion, feminized seeds won’t always be female. There is an extremely small chance you will end up with a male; however, that’s rare enough you shouldn’t worry. Especially if you have multiple seeds. A good seed seller would replace an errant male.


Hi thanks I don’t think I will use them either , right now I just have auto my first Grow :blush:

How far along is it.

Autoflower seeds are usually feminized, although you can find regular auto seeds with a randomly dioecious selection if you look hard enough. I think we’re all so used to auto seeds being feminized, it’s kinda baked into the word “auto.”


One is about a month and a half the other 2 to 3 weeks also I found a little black worm On the younger plant and it made holes in some of the leaf I took it off but do you think it’s ruin the plant ? Ty

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Should not be too big on an issue , these things happen. I would not worry too much about it.

Hi should I cut the leaves that are affected by it off ? they look like little holes were eaten out , do you rethink it will grow ? It had to be in soil I bought ffof I just ordered happy frog and bigger pots per advice from here because they are not in ground but outside on patio :grimacing:thank you

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Ok generally damaged leaves do not recover, you can remove it. If there’s a few if there is alot I do it in stages as new growth replaces it as you go. With less stress on your plant.

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Hi yes it’s a few leaves in different section maybe 2 or 3 but if there was a bug in the soil will there be more ? I check a few times a day :grimacing:ty

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