Auto flowers revegging

My autos bloomed part of the way - then got an unplanned cold shock, (power outage), then after turning a bit yellow ‘round the edges., came back producing leaves and stems from the buds, stopping the process of building buds density. Put them on a 12x12 cycle, but they still seem to have started growing again. Two 8 bulb T5 - 2 red fluorescent, 3 LED full spectrum and rest are 6500K fluorescents in each, And one red pushed HPS all in a 4x4. Grow in soil organically. What do you think happened and how to fix it?

Pictures would be helpful. Not really sure until then, otherwise it sounds like it preflowered and it’s just not quite ready.

Covert - it was well into bloom. Sorry cant do Picts. Know you always ask, but looking for any thoughts. This was a major excursion back to veg on an auto. Could be useful on regrows maybe? Anyone else have a near cold death and came back veg?

I can’t say I have any experience with growing an auto in those conditions.

Yeah, pretty weird. I may just dump these into tincture and be done with it, but was just wondering if anyone else had seen this. Suppose one could harvest buds, chill/dark the plant, and then see if it comes back veg. Don’t know, worth a shot? Maybe these power outages taught us something?

Never heard of it myself… id be checking the grow area for light leaks/ or light timer failures. Do u check on them at lights out? Remember tales of growers lights not cutting completely off n revegging or herming ladies

These are autos. By wat of update - they grew a couple more inches then started flowering again. Should pull em, but curious to watch what happens.