Auto flower success

I recently posted about my seeds not popping and maybe the soil is too hot , for everyone that I spoke too they all popped yesterday very happy !! Thanks to everyone that helped me now it’s the wait and grow game . One other question I don’t know how powerful my light is but it’s got switches for flower and bloom really bright … how far should I have it away from seedlings? I noticed one stretching so it definitely needs to be lowered is 24 inches or take please help ! Hope everyone is well

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i run my blurples with both switches on. You did the right thing. Watch the plants and adjust the height of the light accordingly. Watch the node spacing and it will generally let you know if the height is right. You can do the hand temp check too.

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They seem to be loving life at the moment the one was definitely lacking light cause it stretched out quite aways…

What kind of light is it and how big a dpa e u got. Blurples are way under powered and over exaggerated on their wattage. While still early if possible id see about a light upgrade to hlg or spider farner anything with samsung lm301h or b chips and meanwell drivers. Ur light will veg the plants beautiful but not be close to enough for flower.

I honestly don’t know it came with a kit that I bought it says 600 watts … super bright though seems to be doing the trick . I can’t afford anything else right now till after this run lol

Do u have any pics of the setup??? Every1 loves seeing others ideas and setups especially me. Lol i love looking at others pics.


I’ll take some when I get home for sure man

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Here’s some pics of my setup and the babies are five days out of soil doing really well! Does anyone know what kind of light I have it came in a kit that I bought it’s super bright has two different settings it’s doing the trick for sure just want to know the name . Any ideas suggestions are welcome thanks everyone