Auto flower new grower

Hey guys this
Is legit my first time growing
Need help understanding something new I’ve encountered

This blue dream seed from ilgm was germinated 11/2
And starting flowering 12/8

I’ve used ffof in a 3 gallon fabric pot
Usually give her 2 liters of water
And once’s flowering every other feeding
2ml of cal-mag and 2 mls of fish shit

Should I add more cal mag to help with the brown spots and yelling of leaves that I started seeing two days ago
Today is 1/4

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Are the spots only near the fan? It’s hard to see when zooming the areas you may be referring to. Can you post some closer images of the issue areas?

Took these rn

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I use 5 ml per gallon

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I have it in a 3 gallon pot

But do u mean the amount water I use to water per gallon or
Gallon of flower pot

I use both of these products and mix my batches up in 1 gallon solution bottles. I use 5 ml per gallon of each product in the water bottles. Depending on the size of the plant ( or where it’s at in its life cycle ) will determine how much of the bottle gets poured into my plants container.

These 5 gal buckets were being watered a quart each up until last night when I gave them a 1/2 gallon each. This was their first full saturation watering since they are so young. I’d been circling the bucket edges when I watered.

The solo there got significantly less water lol. :grin:


Damm I really appreciate the thorough detail
I just did so

And legit just did that
1 gallon with 5ml of fish and cal mag

And split between plants
Half gallon each

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