Auto flower grow.. SOIL‼️‼️‼️‼️

My auto flowers germinating now and soon to plant in soil… my question is should I pre soak my soil with ph water or should I jus plant the seed and then jus spray the top a few times?

Nothing against you asking questions. Just a dup post.


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Yup…that would work. Generally I put a little water on the soil after planting the seed. And once it sprouts, you don’t need more than 5 ml or so per watering at first.

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I’m bout ready to plant my seed in my 3 gallon pots. Should I have a fan in my tent at this stage

Also should I pre soak my solid before planting seed or jus spray on top once I plant them?

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If you’re ready to transplant now, I wouldn’t presoak. I typically presoak a week and a half in advance. And yes, I’d get the fan going. Want the get those stems nice and strong.


I’m not transplanting I’m ready to pop the seed In The soil since it has its root out. And since I’m ready to go drop them tonight how much water should I give them since the soil will be dry

Very little. I highly recommend you get a syringe that holds 10 ml of water, you can get these at any drug store. For a seed with just a tail, use 5 ml of water in a circle an inch from the seed, that will dampen the soil enough. When the soil looks dry do 5 more. Chances are by then the seed will already have popped up. From then on water in a circle an inch away until the seedling has the set with 3 leaves on it. After that move the circle out another inch and double the water used to 10 or 15 ml. Keep doing this, gradually watering more and more towards the outside of the pot and increasing the water volume.


@Cannabian Most detailed explanation I have come across. Wish I had this info prior to my start. I am sure that, as a beginner, I added WAY TOO much water and caused the issues I currently am experiencing. Oh well, all part of the learning process.

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its actually one of the most common questions and issues on this site funny enough. I sorta developed this technique in an attempt to quantify and simplify the amount of water that little seedlings need as it seems to be a critical time in a plants life. This process is what many cannabis tree growers use to help their plants get huge, conserve water and nutrients, make a wide and stable root mat that is capable of delivering enormous amounts of food and water. As an arborist, one of the things I teach clients is that the root network of trees and plants is generally feeding 1 and 1/2 times the diameter of the tree, the area is commonly referred to as the drip line. When rain falls the underside of trees is often quite dry. They tend to deposit rain out towards the branch ends in the feeding zone. Cannabis is no different. You want a huge strong pot plant feed it wider and deeper. It is why big pots grow bigger pot!


Once again, great information and explanation. Would you suggest that I let the soil dry, as I now know that I have given my plants way too much water (a range between 10 days old - 4 days old)? At the suggestion of another post/poster, I placed a dome over the youngest, and they seem to have responded by shooting upwards in only one day. It is clear that they were not “drinking” from the wet soil.

Many thanks. As I learn by doing, as we all do, I hope to share what I learn with others.

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for shots and giggles try to remove the dome for a day and see what happens. And yes I would refrain from watering unless the surface looks dry. Then, do it like I suggested. In a drip watering system, what you typically see is a wet spot on the surface but over time the subsoil gets saturated. Its important when watering small plants that no roots exist in the saturated area and thus it doesnt readily dry out. Hiwever, the plant sends out root hairs in search of water and nutrients. So if you have overwatered, there is likely a reserve down there. Its ok to check physically. Get a teaspoon and dig down a few inches say 3 or 4 inches away from the plant! In a perfect world the soil should remain moist all the time, and in media like coco coir its pretty mandatory so the coco doest become hydrophobic or repel water.

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@Cannabian UPDATE: Well, I took the dome of for most of one day, and currently no dome on. After the seedling came back to life, so to speak, I have some some stretching and little leaves breaking free, or trying break free. They seem to be stuck in the shell. Oddly, this happened to one of the Amnesia seedlings; the seed case would not come off and I gave a little help. Consequently, one of the first set of serrated leaves is bent and smaller than the other. Not a big deal I would think?

Well, here are some pics of the little one which came back to life. It developed one heck of a kink!

Not sure what it will yield or if I should continue with this grow? It’s 5 days old.

yep carry on! I would probably want the peat pot totally burried and maybe a 1/2 or so up the stem? Just cuz! Drip a few drops of water on the shell a couple times a day to soften it, should pop right off! And remember to not over water! For reference, from now on only water around the perimeter of the peat pot, it will absorb water but you want root to reach out right?

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It was suggested that I carry on with this via message. Not sure what the etiquette is since I am not only new at growing but also an online community. However, I do not have rights to send messages…?

I picked the pot up yesterday and it was as light as a feather. I gave it some water. It did not have any run off, but still too much. I am waiting on the measuring devices for more accurate watering.

I appreciate your time and knowledge.

If I may inquire as to one more aspect - this is with temperature. I am on a very limited budget. I bought a grow light (Full spectrum Bloom Plus 1000) and pots from a pot for pot (mixed feelings about this, but…), and seeds from ILGM.

My options for growing space are limited to two (other than outside): A dry, hot little closet (current set up - it will get much hotter when the weather finally gets better - if that will happen this year?) or a cool, humid basement corner (unfinished basement - no grow tent in the foreseeable future. Will just be set up on a table with the light above.). What would be better?

Thank you so much. Much gratitude and appreciation.

Im affraid you are at a pretty major disadvantage if thise are your only choices. Any plant, not just cannabis needs the right environment to thrive, but cannabis is a special case. To get all the elements in place is pretty difficult on a super low budget! The absolute cheapest way is outside in an opaque poly tunnel! Super cheap! Fairly blind to public eyes etc. The other way is a tent, they can be had fairly inexpensively and provide for things such as fans and lighting. You will need ventilation, a way to control heat and humidity, light and nutrients / water. And a way to keep dark without light!
These things are mandatory for an indoor grow.


I love this forum. This was really great information. :call_me_hand:

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