Auto Flower Grow Help

STRAIN: Crystal meth

Seed Bank: Seed cellar. Jackson,MI

Method: Soil fox farm Ocean forest mixed with fox farm happy frog.

Vessels: Cloth pots with drain pans

PH of Water: 6.5

Solution: General Hydroponics

Runoff: 5.8 6.0 and 6.2 in different pots

PPM: 750


Light system: 1 sf-4000 2 315 cmh

Temps; Day 73 Night 70

Humidity; Day 50% Night 50-45%

Ventilation system; Yes, Size 8 inch inline 480 cfm.

AC: Yes
Humidifier: Yes
De-humidifier: Yes

Co2: No

Seeds planted with dynomycro 0.5 grams per seed as instructed

There on day 36.

I use reverse osmosis water andI always ph my water and add nutes in correct order

The day before they all got a top dressing of nature’s
living soil And watered with compost tea
The tea consists of blackstrap molasses, plant recharge,nature’s living soil,nature’s living soil flower power and mammoth p aerated for 24 hours.

This is steez
I think he is starting nutrient lock out because stem has become mostly dark purple with a run off ph of 5.8

He also has a discoloration of certain leaves to what I believe to be a cal mag deficiency. Let me know what you think?

This is danky
He has the claw but also showing cal mag deficiency I believe but I don’t know because there both present what do think? Run off ph 5.5

This is Sue
She has been bright yellow green since she sprouted
But has become more green over time. She’s showing the claw in some spots and rust spots in others. Run off Ph of 6.0

This is Oprah
She has really purple bud sites and leaves on new growth also she has rust or almost like burn marks
But I haven’t fed all of them more than 3 times total. Run off Ph 5.5

This is Mary
She very obviously is having a nitrogen toxicity and is clawing hard.
But I’m curious on how to mix that in the fastest way possible?
Couple of rust spots not bad though.
Run off ph 5.8

This is Lenny
He’s the second worst-case with the overall nitrogen toxicity but is doing OK.! Run off ph 5.0 16184300068246203212650417495028|281x500

This is Betty white
She looks healthy for the most part to me beside a little yellow on new growth tips. Run off ph of 5.0

This is persephone
She is a smaller plant with few sign of deficiencies
Run off ph 5.5

This is Betsie
She is the runt of the litter and sprouted good but had many deformities for her first two weeks overall health good. Run off ph 5.0

This is Max
Max Has also been one of the smaller plants but is doing well showing progress everyday. Ph run off 4.8

And here’s some extras

Thanks for the time and help.

Also If anyone Is interested I am looking for a gromie
Or grow tutor if you will Im gladly willing to compensate for your one on one time and advice if your looking to help please email me at my name is Tyler.

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you`ve got mail :wink:

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