Auto-flower Day 70. Getting close!

The girls seems to be in a clear to partly cloudy trichome stage. How much longer do ya’ll think?


Those look great. Are they 70 days from sprout? And what strain auto flower is that? I don’t have any advice as I am a novice farmer. Thanks

if your still seeing some clear i’d say 2weeks maybe 3 it takes as long as it takes unfortunately

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Thanks @SourD ! Actually, in the group photo the one on the left is 70 days from sprout. The 2 on the right are around 50 days. These are called Light of Jah, purchased from a competitor before I found this site.

How they looking mate

The oldest one got yanked last week at 11 weeks. I got about 3/4 oz. dry.

These below will be 10 weeks on Thursday. Yes it got a bit buggy. I say NUKE’M!

The one on the left should yield more. It was bent over awhile back. Those tiny ones popped way back on 4/20. They have suffered greatly…


How did you dry and cure it? In a jar?

Begs a question. Does the top of the plant mature first or the bottom? I’ve been looking at the trichomes on the top .

I cut the branches, washed them (do a search on bud washing). I did that mainly to get the remaining DE off as well as bug poop, etc. I then hung them in my shed with a fan directed at them. I think they dried too quickly because it got kind of hot. After 4 days when they felt dry I put the buds in a ceramic canister. I will say it smells really “green”. Maybe I left too many leaves on. Not sure. As far as curing, I don’t think I’ll have any left by the time it’s cured…:sunglasses:
Good stuff!


Due to the intensity of light the upper buds will ripen faster then the lower buds.
So how did it all turn out?

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Sorry for the late response. All in all a successful first grow. 4 plants (out of 10) matured. I got about 3/4oz. from each. I’ve tried multiple times to start a new crop but there’s just too much heat and not enough humidity. I may have to wait until September…

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Did you wash the bud? How did that go?
Any pictures of right before harvest? Thanks

The pics above are right before harvest. I let the small one on the right go another couple weeks. So these went 10-12 weeks total.

I didn’t get scientific on the wash. A 5 gal. bucket of water. Swished branches in water and shook them off.

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Thanks for the info

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This is how I do it @SourD don’t usually do the peroxide though i’m not sure if it’s my location but I also found out that when I do this they dry faster for me



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