Auto blueberry, very little amber trichomes, how do you increase production

any ideas on how to increase trichome production. first saw amber trikes 9 days ago. since then, very few more have popped up. have at least a dozen colas, but only two have the trikes. what can be done? lights have always been on 18/6. any ideas, or solutions?

Yea drop the light cycle


Hi welcome to Ilgm you could lengthen your dark cycle to say 10 on 14 off and it will cause plant to make final push off reisin and finish up
Haha beat me


thank you. i will try that right now.

hey @mtmakawao, any chance you can post some photos of your blueberry’s? i am growing them also and just wanted to see what other peoples look like. thanks

with i could. don’t know how to get pictures from phone to here.

wish i could.

not very tech savvy.

Click reply and upload button is in bottom right hand corner hope this helps and keep me updated on if the light cycle helps :slight_smile:

tried changing the light cycle from 18/6 to 12/12. did that for 4 days. didn’t see much improvement in trichome production. now switched lighting to 14/10. last hope. buds are thick and glistening with resin.



@mtmakawao Damn man that looks amazing. i just pulled my 4 plants out to water them. ill post some pics in a few. keep up the good work!



had to ask grandson how to post a picture using this computer. took a while to respond. 2 auto blueberry three weeks apart. left one is younger but taller. both bush out, so have them tied back so they won’t get tangled and stuck together. lots of resin.

Try some Cha-Ching it’s made to increase your essential oils.That might help.There looking great,you might trim some of those dead looking leaves off.
Happy Harvesting and good luck

I thought you didn’t have to drop the light cycle for autos?

I’m asking because mine are three weeks old and I figured I could leave them in with the future photo mothers I just planted.

You dont have to some times it helps

From what I’ve read, trichomes are produced at night to replenish what the light has degraded during the course of the day.

I wasn’t sure if the same applies to autos. If it does, I think I may prefer to go with the longer dark cycle even though the auto doesn’t require it. I don’t mind sacrificing growth if it means better quality.

Thanks, Brother…

Trichomes are produced as a protective layer to the plant when all else fails, if in flower becareful as it could stress them in a bad way but stressing such as supercropping and topping will increase the layer of trichomes, or for example when it gets hot and they pile on thick or when, pests attack in flower.

Overall though be patient and wait more time this could take longer than 4 days just cause it doesn’t work immediately doesn’t mean it isn’t effective

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@mtmakawao hey man havent seen your plants lately? how are they coming along?