Atomizer or some would say fogger

Anyone has experience with use an ultrasonic atomizer for an Aeroponic grow? I mean it doesn’t raise the temperature.

One problem i can think of is the plant growing container? You’d need one for each grow bucket or one large bucket with the temperature control

Can someone shed some light on this?

I’ve seen people use these atomizers to build humidifiers. I know nothing about aeroponics.

The droplets are too small to carry enough nutrients to the plant. @MAXHeadRoom had a journal using these. He is no longer with us. He mentioned it worked for clones but had a failed attempt past clones.
If you interested in aeroponics, high pressure aeroponics is the way to go. Every system is custom, and a turnkey set up is expensive. They make those too.
High pressure aero doesn’t work for cloning, the air gets into the stems and causes an embolism. Low pressure aeroponics (hydro cloners) are very successful at making roots.

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I use atomizers in a large 25 gallon bucket (4 singles) and 4 air stones, that is then linked to 5 gallon buckets through 2” pvc piping (with a water proof computer fan for forcing the mixture through)at the top of the bucket that connects to each 5 gallon bucket at the top. In the 5 gallon buckets, I also have air stones in easy bucket with about 3”-4” in the bottom for a proper DWC with an over flow 1/2” pipe back to the 25 gallon bucket.

Can you share pics?

Thankyou so much, that really does clear things up. Keep that in mind, an atomizer can be used for propagation of seeds and maybe clones? (Keep that humidity up in the root zone without drenching the medium)

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Yup. Atomizers leave everything behind. Which is why you should only use distilled water in them. Theoretically you could foliar feed and if you created just way more humidity than would be okay in flower. It should work. Just not well. Mold/mildew would surely be involved.

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