At my wits end, help!

I’ve been dealing with this issue for months now in my flower room. growing in HP Pro mix under 1,000w HPS.
my plants start out fantastic then these spots start to show up on the leaves until they end up like the last pic. the buds are never affected and turn out great but small. I’ve tried everything and have no idea what’s going on. I’m about to just say F it and stop growing. hopefully someone here can help me.

Yeah we collectively should be able to help you out with this. Please fill out a support ticket, copy and paste it, you can find the ticket under the magnifying glass icon at the top of the page. Type in support ticket.

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Have you tried any pest prevention? Does not look like a nutrient problem, looks like a bug problem.


Strain: quite a few

Soil In Pots

Ph Of Runoff: 6.2 - 6.5

GH flora nova bloom, G10, Crystal Burst, Superthrive as directed by the bottles


6 1,000w HPS

74 - 77 degrees

45% humidity

8” fans run through hoods

Ductless mini split

Co2 at 1,500 PPM

No pests in the room. Also have oscillating fans mounted on the walls and a brand new carbon filter to scrub the air

Could be overwatering/nutrient overload looking at the leaf transition imho

Maybe the crystal burst or what’s the distance of your lights from the plant maybe underwatering?

turn your leaves over look with magnifying glass/loupe for little black specks. @Hellraiser called it. my plants looked just like that with the bugs


I had an over watering issue a long time ago so I made sure I wasn’t doing it again.

The distance is probably 18 - 36 inches depending on how big the plants are

What kind of bugs would it be and how do I fix it???

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capt jacks dead bug killer is my go to from now on. i had spider mites

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so I looked with a scope today and there’s not black spots on the back, but there’s black spots in the strange marks where it starts

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Have you got a pic by chance?

I have a scope that hooks to my phone, I’ll take some today

Update: I forgot to post this yesterday. I found BUGS!