Are these trichomes ready for harvest?

I would flush every other day. Make sure when you’re flushing you’re getting good runoff that’s the whole key. You can’t overwater at this point by doing every other day it’s not going to hurt anything. Good luck with everything :v:

Wait… really? So, I don’t have to worry about mold or root rot during the flushing stage?

You have to worry about mold and rot during every single aspect of the growl. However, you mentioned you had cloth bags that you’re growing in when your girls are close to harvest they’ve got to be eating and then drying within 24 hours or so.

Every Auto flower I ever had in a three to five gallon bag dried out within 24 hours that’s why I say every other day flush

You’ll notice when your second maybe third flush she’s going to not dry out as fast. She’ll stop up taking or should I say slow down tremendously.

By all means practice safe soil methods of not letting it be saturated at all times. But every other day is fine to flush.

Also note, not many people use advanced nutrients brand but if you are you only need to flush once or twice. I still like to flush four times. Advanced nutrients is very mild after one flush you’re not going to taste or smell anything harsh or nasty.

If for some reason your plants and environment is different and is taking two to three days to dry out between feeds then by all means give it that extra day.

I will next week , but how does it look ?
My first grow , i want just an opinion by the photo

Without the microscope, I would not have seen this picture.
This picture haunts my memory.
USB Microscope, With stand, x1600 zoom $20.00 delivered in 7 days or less.
A valuable tool for a grower.

Whoa! Yea, you just reassured me that I didn’t waste my $20 getting a scope. Was this an indoor or outdoor grow?

They look really good to me. Nice bud development. Your leaves look to be turning light green and yellow. Judging by your bud development, that’s a good indicator you’re getting very close to harvest rather than being a sign of a problem. Check those trichomes under a scope b/c @lostgirl is giving good advice about the necessity of flushing for 1-2 weeks.

Sadly this is from my indoor tent, stuffed with clones and revegers from the outdoor season that was terminated (immature and end of season issues).
The pictured clone was not looking like the others and I thought the brown was maturity, not bug commune. Yes, $40.00 money well spent, including second microscope ($20/ea), just in case one dies.