Are these males?

Hi all! First time grower and first time post for me. After stalking all of you for months I’ve made it to my flower stage! Lol
I currently have two plants that I’m on the verge of chopping but wanted to see what you guys think first. Are they males? Or should I hold off?

They are both bag seeds so I have no idea what strain they are. pH is on average 6.5 and I’m using fox farm nutes and in week 3 as of today. Power went out a few days ago due to a bad storm and I have gaps in my cabinet I’m working on sealing up…so I may have affected the 12/12 light cycle a little.

Did the best I could on pics! Thanks in advance!

Yea man, sorry to say, but they’re male plants.

You’ll want to get them FAR away from the other plants in your grow area. If these males drop pollen then any females around could become pollinated.

If you search google I think you can still make hash from them, I’m not entirely sure.

Oh yea, and welcome to ILGM! It’s a great community full or useful information and helpful members. But you’ve been stalking us, so I’m sure you already know :v:


Thanks @ktreez420 I’m cuttin em down today!