Are these hermies, and if so is there any way to salvage them?

Hello, I have had these plants indoors total time growing is 64 days. They have been flowering for 23 days now, just defoliated and cleaned up the larf yesterday and am noticing that both of the indica LA Confidential plant have what appear to be a few small pollen sacs forming on the small branches below the canopy of great looking flowers. To add to this, these are growing along side Mauie Wowie which look great and are not producing any pollen sacs. Are these hermies, is it normal to get hermies from the feminized seeds, or is this something I did?

Can these be salvaged, please let me know what you have done to salvage the harvest off of these, without seeding out all the plants, if it is possible.

Growing Conditions:

  • Indoor
  • 500w Bar style light(did switch lights recently, due to a concern with the old light)
  • coco, perlite, worm castings with Gaia Green 4-4-4 for veg and now 2-8-4 for flower
  • Water PH 6.3 - 6.5
  • Using recharge on soil every few weeks
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Yes my friend they are male flowers before popping open, and there are many ways of hermie and genetics is one, stresser light leaks, etc. But if it is easy to pluck out all the flowers and you are absolutely sure you can catch every flower you can leave them, but if you aren’t sure and miss one you could contaminant your whole grow. And end up with seeds everywhere. @BORN2GROW


I agree with above and I personally don’t think I’d chance it and would bag and tag the one with balls before he/she does any damage to the non affected plants


@Dennis62 thank you for your response. It is odd, because I have 4 plants going and they are all in the same tent, and subjected to all of the same conditions. The two plants that are hermies are the same strain, same batch of seeds and two that are not hermies are from the same batch of a different strain. I took all of the pods off and will keep a close eye on them to make sure that they aren’t coming back, if they do I will remove the two bad plants, don’t want to risk them all getting ruined.

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@Mr_Wormwood Thanks for the response, I am bummed that I may have two scrap the two plants, but at least the Mauie Wowie will be alright.