Are my trichomes ready for harvest? Pics included

Good idea. I’ll be sure to do that! Thank you.

For any of you that were wondering, I harvested this plant and got 2.5 oz.
Thanks for all the help guys!


Congratulations very well deserved and earned and successful grow Great job now if you can get it cured before smoking all of it you will be set​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:t2::soon:

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Haha, thanks! I’ll try not to smoke it all. Gotta last me till the next harvest!

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Good luck on not trying to smoke it all :+1:
Well done :+1:

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Thank you!

yea i would wait a little bit yet. i wait till half of them are amber and half are cloudy

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It might be too late? @420luv that was 10 months ago!


Yeah these were enjoyed long long ago, but I appreciate your help anyway!

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I am looking for advice please. I have two bio deisel plants in week 8 of flowering and monday 8/31/20 they will be in week 9. How much longer would you recommend i let them flower?

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I would say you’re good to go! They look finished to me.

Thank you. I will be cutting down tomorrow.

Sure thing! Let us know how it goes!

It may have been awhile ago, but I am just reading this as I am a newbie. Good to know a mix of amber and cloudy is good to know. thanks

For indoors, top buds, can be ready and cut off, next level buds may need an extra week?