Are my plants in pre flower these are auto flowers

Are my plants in pre flower and when should I start them on flower nutrients

Yep looks like she started flowering stage with those pistils at the tops.
As far as adding nutrients that depends on things like what soil they are in now. Size of containers etc

In coco and perlite and in 8 liter pots

do the leaves get droopy in preflower or before they stretch? or should i add some nutes?
the plant is a Bubble gum auto from ILGM been growing since February 9th

Doesn’t look like I’m seeing any preflower yet.
Leaves can droop for various reasons
Underwatered or overwatered
Right before lights out and can look that way until after lights come on…sleeping
There can be other issues with leaf droop but those are the big ones.

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this particular plant is a finicky one. she likes to eat heres a pic of her now shes up and down right now shes a little down.

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Yep starting to flower now :+1: nice!

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@Skydiver heres a couple OGK and Bubble Gum autos who have started to flower

i also just changed from running 2 mars hydro ts600s to 4 hlg 288 qbs for 6 plants

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