Are my drying temps ideal?

Is 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit and 45% humidity ok?

I think the temps are good, but the humidity could use a bump. Am I correct in thinking I want my humidity to be closer to 60RH?

If so, should I put a humidifier in there with a humidistat keeping it at 60?

I currently have an exhaust fan, if I turn that off the humidity goes up to 70% which I know is too high, but running it on the lowest setting gives me a humidity of 40-45%.

Any feedback is appreciated…

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I like 60 F at 60% the. Try partially blocking the exhaust to regulate the humidity.

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I run a humidifier if needed in my drying room.



I blocked it 95% of the way and it only went up a percent. It is the middle of winter her in NY so it is dry.


I just put a humidifier in there and set it to 60%. I also have an oscillating fan at the bottom of the tent for air movement as well (not pointed at the flower). Do you run an exhaust fan too?

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Exhaust fan of sorts. I dry in a small bathroom and the fan in the ceiling is my exhaust. I’ve never had a problem maintaining humidity in the room and the temp is ideal when I keep the door shut.

I use a small fan for air circulation too.

I live north too and face the same challenges.


Speaking of bathrooms. I thought you might get a kick out of this photo. I took over my wife’s upstairs bathroom

I wish it had an enclosed shower. Make for perfect drying. But she wanted a claw foot soaker.

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