Are flowers looking ok

Good morning like I said before I’m a brand new at this my question today is how are my flowers looking about how much longer you think and any other suggestions you might have the best I could get with my phone thanks for any help you can give me

She looks okay in most of the pics. The is a hole in the leaf on one of the pics that doesn’t seem to be caused by wind or plant movement. I would inspect for bugs.

What is the browning is this pic? It’s hard to see what it might be, but it is possible that it is either mold or nute burn.

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Appears like nute burn on some sugar leaves…one of my buds kinda has it going too…they look fine as far as progression

I would trim all shitty or damaged or discolored leaves off and keep your plants focus on the flowers

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You’ve got several weeks to go.

This should help you determine better when you want to harvest. Get a jewelers loop for tricome observation. That’s the tried and true only way to correctly learn where you need your flowering to be. Good luck and happy growing. :potted_plant::man_dancing: