Are all ILGM Autoflower seeds feminized?

I finally broke down and bought 5 Auto Blueberry seeds online from you. I can’t be sure reading your information if all of your Auto seeds are feminized or not. Can someone please clear this up and help me know what I should expect to receive?

Thanks to all


Yes, all of the autos are fem.

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Yes, All autos are Fems!

YAY!! That’s good news… Thanks @3high5you &@bob31!!

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I will caution you that there is a typo on the Blueberry (Fems) page in the growing description that indicates they are Autoflowering, but only the Autoflowering are Autoflowering, lol @ILGM2

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Thanks @bob31! I was quite surprised it was available myself, almost laughed myself out of the chair!! :blush:



Welcome to the forum @ILGM2 hope to see you around. Happy growing.

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Bingo !!I I’m planning for a first grow and have been having that same question for a couple of days now. So is that the case (All Auto’s are Fems) the case with all seeds, or is it just the case here on Ilovegrowingmarijuana and their available seeds? The only place I saw that info called out was in the begginers kit.
Good luck with your grow !!