Apot For Pot Info

@Southerngal I been looking at portable solar generators. PATRIOT and TITAN…just Google which on you want to use…with a full charge they should be able to run household appliances for a day. They have optional solar panels and wind turbines to help charge batteries. On your fridge cycle it on and off to extend battery. They are $$$$

Actual new user of apotforpot. About 30 days after germination and looking real good. Their products are solid and the staff is always there to help. Just started a second grow with their stuff. Some friends also started grows at the same time and with the same seeds (from ilgm). I tried to convince them to go with apotforpot, but no go. Theirs all died, one from using Miracle Grow, the other from waiting far too long to move the seedling to soil. There are a thousand ways to go wrong and these guys seem to know them all. And they are seemingly on a crusade to help us newbies get started. Highly recommended.


I love that, and it’s one of the best things I like about A Pot for Pot. I don’t know when I would have started growing otherwise, lol. Great customer service, too. I’ve grown three successful plants using their product.

As noted with other Pot4Pot users, often the plant’s leaves start yellowing early. My second plant did that, yet I have great weed from it. My third one also yellowed early, which made me a bit nervous since I was growing in the heat and I wanted a late harvest. So, I amended it with an organic dry top dressing a couple of times mid-flower, which did green it up a tad and prevented further yellowing.

I don’t tent, and I don’t want my plants stressed more than they need to be, especially when it’s so easy to add an amendment. If Pot4Pot added an amendment in their kits, then I think that would be a huge step in the direction of healthier plants and less stressed customers and Pot4Pot staff, in addition to adding much increased value in their product. Growers, mostly new to growing cannabis, can easily add amendments, but then they need to re-invent the wheel by researching them when they don’t know what to look for, at a time when their plants could use the help asap.

Just my .02 cents. Again, I love Pot4Pot - I’m incredibly grateful for their product and help to get me growing! :heart: :deciduous_tree: And thanks to ILGM for promoting A Pot for Pot; I found it fairly quickly doing online research and seeing this website, as soon as our state’s rec mj ballot measure passed. :+1:


So sorry for totally ignoring you. Not that many kindred spirits out there. Got my covid booster last Tuesday and I’m just starting to come out of it. Anyway, just germinated a kush seedling and am way behind getting its pot set up. Hopefully tomorrow. Happy growing.