Aphids how do I get rid of them?

I can’t get rid of them. Indoors so I can’t buy ladybugs. Neem oil doesn’t seem to work. Help!!!

captain jack’s bug killer seemed to work well for me.

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50/50 alcohol and water and like all sprays you must do it while lights are off and if you have buds shake off any excess moisture a few minutes after spraying trapped moisture causes new problems


Above steps are recommended and you could spread some diatomaceous earth on top of the medium as well.

How many applications should do the trick? I have been spraying daily for a few days. Still got them.

You are spraying 50/50 alcohol and it isn’t drying them out and killing them? You may have to try something else I’ve never had them in my house but I know it’s works killing them off the ol lady’s roses.
I’ve never tried this one but have heard others that have and it worked for spider mites during flower. He used 1 part apple cider vinegar and 3 parts water and sprayed daily until the day he harvested. He continued to harvest only as a test to see if it would cause any problems. After harvest he washed the sprayed buds using peroxide and water then did a side by side taste test with his wife and three friends and only one person picked the vinegar sprayed buds the other three picked the other ones he said that because he didn’t wash the other buds is why he thinks they thought it was those that had been sprayed.
Anyway sorry I’m half way through my second coffee and I’m babbling but the a.c vinegar would be my next thing to try. I would do a test on a single branch before going all out but that’s only because I’ve never used it before.