Anyone using LEDs for whole grow?

Do LEDs work throughout the grow by themselves for whole grow.What wattage in LEDs would match or be more than a 600 hps ?

Yes, LEDs are awesome. Most LEDs will list an equivalent HID Wattage or will list the light Flux or PAR. Very likely around 300 - 400 of actual wattage used in an LED system will equal a 600 watt HPS. A LED that is labled as a 600 watt LED may have enough high power LEDs that it could theoretically be pushed to use 600 watts but that is only the potential and not the real watt usage. For example a LED light made of 200 x 3 watt LEDs might be labeled and advertised as a 600 watt light but in reality when you plug it into a volt and watt meter it only uses around 400 watts but might actually provide much more actual FLUX/PAR for the plant than even a 600 watt HPS. LEDs need a lot more research going into them to be sure you are getting a good system for your money.

And; This is why I have never attempted to build an LED system. Hell; I just got my 1st digital ballast last year, because I was privy to testing results of the early digital lamps and they had issues.

Despite being told by advocates how great LEDs are, I have not seen any proof that they out perform HID lamps in regards to yield potential. I believe you can grow healthy plants now that there have been positive strides in LED lighting geared towards Marijuana growers. I personally still, do not think they will. Yes, they evidently use less power and are cooler, but I have never been upset by an electric bill when I was producing such high quality bud, and saving 1000’s of dollars growing my own.

It is again a matter of personal choice. I am not debating, I am stating my long held belief.

Latewood, I guess you haven’t been paying much attention to Jodie’s grow, where she is seeing phenomenal results, unlike anything she’s seen under traditional HID lights. When your electric bill is less than half, not only because you are using less watts for light but less power to keep things cool, and you are actually getting better results/yeild than you did with HPS, then you will notice the huge difference :wink:

No; I haven’t. You guys talk too much, makes my eyes ache; So; If Jodie posts in the forum I would read it, but I do not follow long grow journals. :slight_smile: Peace

I used to repair HAM radios and a few other circuits so repairs wouldn’t be a problem
If I knew where to get the correct LEDs for replacement I’d probably order one.3watt systems are on sale and 5watt systems are out on shelves.
5watt systems have fans in them and larger heat sinks.

You can get replacement 3 watt or 5 watt LEDs easily on E-bay. There are a ton of LED tutorials on youtube. Many 3 watt systems have fans and large heat sinks in them, just as 5 watt systems do. With some research you can find the same LED system without the name-brand on it, direct from the factory in China for 50%-75% less on e-bay as well. You probably won’t go wrong getting a nearly equivalent wattage LED system, like I said you can get a 200 x 3 watt LED system or a 120 x 5 watt LED system and it will likely preform as well or even better than a 600 watt HPS system with way less heat and way less actual electrical usage. The only downside to buying the LED with no name brand on it from China is that, even though it is made with the exact same parts as the name brand one, the China direct one will have almost no warranty. If you can fix it yourself, and as you can buy like 50 x 3watt LEDs or maybe even 100 x 3 watt LEDs for under $30 USD on e-bay, you shouldn’t have a problem repairing it, or maybe even building your own.

Last question is why are they making LEDs with an equal amount of blue or red lights?
Why waste electricity using blue leds during flower cycle?

Plants always need some blue light. Just because with other lights (HPS, MH or fluorescent) they have “blue” shifted lights for veg or “red” shifted lights for bloom doesn’t mean those other lights don’t still have some of both spectra. In reality a plant needs both or it will get sick. Most lights have a ton of white light, which is an equal mix of red, blue and green light. If it is “shifted” it just has a higher percentage of blue or red light, but still has some green light, as well as the other “non-shifted” color. During flower it just needs more red, but without some blue it will get very sick. In general a plant always needs about a minimum of 20% blue light and the rest can be red during flowering, during veg. growth it may be 30% - 50% blue, but it doesn’t have to be, the plant still only needs about 20% blue to keep it healthy during veg or bloom and more than 20% blue is not necessarily beneficial.

I replaced my 2 600w hps with 2 300w LED I wish I had done it a long time ago as I heard nothing but bad things about them but my plants grew just as good also I have no heat problems and electricity bill was cut in half!! So in my opinion I think LED’s are worth thinking about yes they cost alot more to buy but you get the money back fast because of the cheaper electricity bill

I got one from topled.5w LEDs 400 watt.I was using 8 CFL and the led uses much less electricity and coverage is much better.
Plants can be 18-24 inches away and no stretching.
Sprouts like it also.Even at 24 inches away no stretching.

Since my last post on this thread 4 rows of LED’s in one panel has stopped working.
So im back using hid. I’m going to have a go at fixing it as it seems easy enough.

Yup, that is the problem of getting an LED online or one that doesn’t have a good warranty. And it could very well be that only one LED burnt out causing the entire row to go out, depending on how it is wired, and replacing the one LED will get the whole row up and running.

If the rows are gone, it’s possible that they’re wired in series and only a single one is out. Otherwise it could be something as simple as a solder joint. If it’s a single one, you might use a known good led and replace each one till the rows come back on. But you’ve probably already figured that out.

Lol yeah no warranty it’s from China it cost $150 each i bought 3 but gave 1 to my brother and the same ones in my local hydro shop is $730 each! But yeah it seems easy enough to replace the LED lights i might install bigger LED lights and replace with larger i think they are called “Drivers”