Anyone use this vivosun product in a 3x3 tent

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Sorry not me.
Mariner, Kraken, AC-Infinity, and HLG fan.
Paying the price for living on an island.
OK med cool.
TX med legal grow and I am moving.

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I have 2 of these in my 32"x32" vivosun tent. On my first grow so I stayed on the cheaper bundles for my two tents (also have a 4x4 vivosun tent). So far so good.

Gladly sell you my ViVosuxx stuff, for cheap if you pay postage.
6-inch turbo turbine engine simulator
1000!!!LED draws 100 wats, but selectable, dimmable full spectrum grow light.
Multi-function PH measuring pens.
I am almost deaf, already.
I may be dead from older age before it grows a cola.
PH tester design enhances unit breakage easily.
Unit calibration routines either don’t work or sux.

Advertisers, advertise and Sellers Sell.
I have heard “Buyers, beware”, somewhere before.
But, not up to me and hopefully, not my experience, for you.
Best wishes. Please share your results.
Please post your results for Your light, a “Kil-a-watt” meter measured meter-watt-usage, and a light meter (recommend UT383BT).

I know and posted mine

That’s the important part. Getting better with each grow evolution, we hope.
The time I spent trying to grow in the 70’s and never being good was too much.
In 1984 I used HPS 1000 (really blinding) watts. Good smoke.
Now using today’s technology and equipment for going where i have never been before.
Keep up the good work.
I may have to use the Vipars to heat the lung room this winter and TBT, they do clones and seedlings just fine.


No I haven’t. But it has some great reviews. I would get it. I have HLG 100r and 4k. Nothing wrong with the light.

I like the 600w the best. 1000w is a great light. Don’t miss the hoods. Plants love the warmth in the winter.

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Don’t have possession of that HPS light, anymore.
1994 Fire Mt Vernon WA.
Admiral Mike B. sent a “So Sorry note to 167 USN Families”, that all their US Government stored personal and household goods being stored while they deploy overseas, got toast in a storage facility fire, so sorry. Yup even those photos of DDD on leave in a foreign land, that I paid the ransom to get negative back. Never to be seen again photos, like an F14 with SIX Pheonix missiles loaded. Yes we (CVN65 scored 2-0 on Ohmar K’s Line of Death).
All gone, and like George Carlin said, my stuff died, I did not, fortunately.
Yes HLG 600 or Scorpion Diablo, would be good selections.
I love to dream big.


I have the 600 HLG. I was talking about the 600w hid’s . When I lived out west, that’s how we stayed warm in the winter time. lol
How times change. When I first come here, I refuse to use a pH meter. lol

Winter at -40F sucks.
The hunt for Ted K (the Uni-bomber) made shed living uncomfortable.
Fortunately, the electricity stayed on at -40F and the light kept me and my plants alive.
1984 Tiny house living before it became popular.

@Hemp “I refuse to use a pH meter. lol,” How’s that working now?

Which one or Ones do you have?


Same…I resent even having to use the GH drops to get my tap to the “mid-6s” based on color, for my indoor soil autos.

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Hanna. Quit growing organic.

I use ph perfect. Works great. It is pricey. But if I go around to a few grow stores, I’ll find it on sale. I run ph around 5.8 to 6.3.

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Don’t know what that is but I’ll probably look it up out of curiousity.

I don’t buy much between grows these days besides about ~$3-4 a plant in soil which yields ~4oz+ dry if needed so I’m not motivated to switch up much besides strains these days (until something convinces me otherwise :melting_face:) :wink:.


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Hey I have been using bloom city pH pro. Seems to work super well and it’s not that bad prices like 26 bucks I believe for a quart of up and down. Seems to only move my auto por rez like a .01 or so in a week where as GH phu up and down I had to adjust every other day or 2 as it would jump up to 2 points in 2 to 3 days. pH pro barely moves. Hell the plants drink all the rez and I refil.before I’ve ever had to adjust the pH.

This stuff but I was able to find a kit with quarts

Bloom City Professional pH Up + Down Control Kit for Optimal Nutrient Uptake (Two 1/2 Pint Bottles) 16 Total oz

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Thank I’ll check it out

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