Anyone ever order from expert seed Company?

Anyone ever order from expert seed CO?

Nope i get mine from sticky seeds uk i use dark wizard genetics there a stable and reliable genetics and they have some huge autoflowers aswell the most i got from one autoflower is ten ounces


Sounds good. i was mostly asking because of shipping reasons. Damn! 10 oz’s :fire:

Aha ok well im in Australia and i can get them no problem but if i order from herbies seeds in spain i dont get them anymore customs takes them

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Just ordered some New York Diesel. Buy 5 get five for free. Total with shipping was like 39.00.
Fast delivery but they don’t always seem to answer your emails quickly. Supposed to be 48 hrs shipping if ordered Mon-Thurs. I ordered mine Thursday morning and by Tuesday still didn’t have a tracking number. Reached out to see whats up and they responded with a tracking number and my bean were there on Wednesday. I’ve tried 2 seeds and the both popped. So far so good.


I got some of their Gorilla Ice Cream for my last grow. Seeds came in reasonable time in a small glass vile. Do not recall anything particularly good or bad. I had a coupon for a discount from some equipment i bought. Seeds were feminized and I had a good plant with good yield.


Has anyone grown Glue 75 strain?

Any idea how to pay them with Venmo? It says you can but when ordering it never gives you the option. Tried 2x they keep adding more free seeds to my cart which is cool but wont let me pay with Venmo .

@Noobydoobie not sure. I paid with cc. After I placed the order, they send an email to make the payment. I think it works the same with Venmo. Check you email for an invoice.

Are you in the US? Tried with a cc. They were asking for a fingerprint and completely lost me.

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@Noobydoobie yes, I am in the US. Just went to the site and created an account and it took me rite to the checkout. Didn’t ask for finger print or anything like that. Just card number and the usual.

@Noobydoobie are you picking how many seeds you want? Once you pick, lets say 5 seeds, then click check out and it should go to putting in cc info or the option for crypto currency.
Also, have you looked at Noth Atlantic Seed company. They have a huge selection of breeders and seeds. Thats typically where I get mine.

Yeah idk what the hell is up with this site. Tried withh cc like 3x it keeps telling me try later. I ordered 3 seeds of many varieties and initially the gave me the 3 free of each but are up to 9 free for ordering 3. Cant screen shot it but definitely a steal if it would just accept my freaking payment :crazy_face:

@Noobydoobie that wierd. I just went through and here are the screen shots

@Noobydoobie start from the bottom and work up

:man_shrugging: idk

Thank you brother :pray:. Not sure what the deal is. Ill try calling them Monday.

I used them a few times. First time no issue. Second time used a different credit card and that cc company decided they didn’t like it so they declined order. Reordered w different card and everything was fine.
Ilgm is the quickest and easiest imo. I just branched out looking for different strains. And free seeds are always nice which ilgm does do alot of bogo but i find i just don’t need 20 photo seeds.

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Yeah im totally satisfied with ILGM. Just saw a few strains that looked good. Im still on my first grow and have 5 years worth of seeds already. Im not sure what i was thinking. Im like a kid in a candy shop on these site’s lol :laughing: