Anybody have an easy Worm Tea recipe?

I’ve seen quite a few on YouTube,Just wondering what is the easiest method?

5 gal bucket of rain water. 2-3 cups worm poop. Squirt of molasses. Air stone to a acquarium pump some put castings in a sock or pantyhose or mesh bag if want to use a sprayer. Or just dump it in.
Let it brew for a day or so. Enjoy

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The above is a good general recipe. But with that let me add some things that has worked well with me. The key is to start with good soil like Happy Frog etc.

I mix mine up in a gallon with two parts…solids and liquids separated. It is as follows.

liquid parts:
2 teaspoons unsulfured Molasses. It doesn’t need much and you don’t want salt build up.
1tsp superThrive for micros…or just buy some micros.
1tbls Humic acid- most important
2 teaspoons 35% food grade Hydrogen peroxide. This adds oxygen to roots and kills bad soil critters and fungus.
1 teaspoon Cal/mag
1 tbl MaxiCrop seaweed- important

Solids into a nylon or paint strainer:
3/4 cup worm castings
1/4 cup alfalfa
1 tbls bat guano 9-3-1 for veg…1tbl Jamaican Bat poo 0-10-0 for bloom. With 1 tbls top feed of Jamaican poo per plant after week 2 of bloom.

Bubble for 24 hours and feed a quart per plant. Mix 50/50 for drench watering.

I stop Maxi crop after week 3 of flower. And in the final two weeks I only feed with 1 tbls per gallon of ph water and molasses to swell the buds. No need to flush as this is all organic but you can. In the final 3 weeks I use water that has been sitting in a fruit mix of lemons, strawberries, oranges, pineapple etc. to help with flavor. Go to the store and ask to save their bad fruit.

This is essentially everything you will find in a brand name nute set up. You won’t be sorry for trying this.

:thinking: but how does it taste? lol but seriously good recipe

The veg with the above in incredible! Green start to finish of bloom. I have sunflowers on the outside of them for cover and the bugs eat the crap out of those…but NOT my plants. Whatever is causing that with the mix is working just fine. Not one bug bite in 4 plants.

As far as taste, you would think that the guano would throw it off…but NOPE. I flush in pre-flower for my nutrient swap out to Jamaican 0-10-0. Those bats eat fruits! When I mix in my water sitting in oranges, pineapple, strawberries etc. (you can even use all organic not from concentrate berry juice) the taste has been described as " bro…that is so tasty". Dynamite for Blackberry Kush, Strawberry, grapes etc. Don’t forget your sugars in the final 3 weeks!!

I would say based on 4 grows, it is a nice recipe to try out for sure. No more bottles for me. A little lemon juice really tightens up the nugs of love.

Oh, and with that kick it up a notch with a top feed every 2 weeks with…1/4 cup worm castings, 1tbls Jamaican Bat 1 tsp 9-3-1 Bat poo in flower per plant. Be sure to work it into the soil. This way it gets constant feed between feedings. Cannabis loves bat poo. ENJOY!!