Anybody familiar with undercurrent syatem ready to but 4xl system is undercurrent worth the money 1100.00$ for system

Anybody familiar with undercurrent system getting ready to buy 4xl. Syatem it’s 1100.00 $ is it worth the money

There are a lot of DIY copies on the internet. If you are a little handy I have seen parts lists and instructions for building a similar solution for less than half the price. Just google “undercurrent” with “diy” or “rwdc” and you will find lots of different forum posts, etc.

I am just waiting for some uniseals to show up in the mail and I am going to be building my own 2 plant system. In any case I really like the Undercurrent 4xl system - a lot. I just can’t spend $1k+ on it when lots of people grow great plants with far less investment.

Here is a link to a system one of the people here built:


I strongly believe anyone could make their own far cheaper and get good results yet to buy a store bought hydro system I buy components and make my own depending on size anywhere from 30 DWC bucket to multi buckets the main expenses are the pumps

$30 pond pump some basic ipex and fittings $15-20 sprinkler heads 0.30 ea and under current is simply a pump that constantly pushes water through series of buckets plumbed together with rubber grommets and pipe to 1 main bucket each bucket has a air stone which all run off single pump a netpot clay pellets you’re set :wink:

Loving the leaves on the floor!

lol I spent 2 weekends trimming the odd fan leaf that misses my grasp at end of the day is fine :wink: and at least it’s obvious what I make my units to grow

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