Any tips on perpetual grows would be helpful

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I would like some advice though if you have time. My goal is doing a perpetual grow. My space is about 4x8 ft and just over 6 ft high. I have 2 400w bulbs and transformers, one bulb MH and the other one for flowering… can’t remember the name.

I bought a2x2 tent, that I plan on vegging plants in from clones. I was going to use a 140w curly fry lightbulb.
Any tips on perpetual grows would be helpful.

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Want to start you clones 2-4 weeks apart
I do mine on a 4 week
Ideally youll want three staions
1 rooting station
2 veg room
3 flower room


You can break it down into as many segments as your space will allow. I have three spaces in a 21"x21" closet, one of which is lightproof and can be used to flower, plus another space in a converted freezer about 20"x24". I’ve only flowered a few plants in the freezer as of yet, but I plan to start flowering the second space in a couple weeks, once the freezer is about 4-5 weeks into flowering. This way, each plant spends about a month or so in each space (still fine tuning) and I’m able to harvest one a month or so. Once I move into a bigger home and can dedicate more space to my garden, I plan to stagger it into even more “stages” so I can harvest every few weeks or so. Or even a sea of green, and harvest weekly, no one can stop me! Muahhhhahahahaha! Anyway, a search for “perpetual” on this forum will bring you lots of different setups to check out. Also, download and read the free grow bible available on this site, and join the forum. There’s lots of friendly, knowledgeable people, just out to help each other grow the best they can.