Any New Zealand Growers?

I have read I should keep it under the prop light for longer before moving it to grow lights?

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How many watts is your prop light ?

My prop light is a Herbal House 20W

Just about to order a pair of 18W (36W total) 1.2m units to extend my prop space. I am out of room and need the ability to run different cycles.

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Ive got so much to learn
Ive got a small 10w grow light well more propagation light

Do you stay up late or an early to bed

Lights are pretty straight forward.

For grow lights get LED’s for sure. I have panels but there are bars available. Don’t go low on the rating. I have 400W for a 1.2m tent.

Supplementary lights are also worth having. I have the following:
660nm “bloom” 30W LED bar
730nm “emerson effect / sleep starter” 30W LED bar
UV-A 30W LED bar

When buying main grow lights be sure to get the ones which are external controller connectable because sooner or later this can be very handy.

Avoid grow lights with integrated UV because this is an H&S issue and its far better to have separate and just be able to switch off while working in the grow space.

Don’t buy cheap crap. There are a few stores which sell decent units but they tend to be quite expensive for some reason. Maybe they are imported by a wholesaler? Herbal House import their own and they are decent.

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Thanks for the heads up about the lights
Thank you :blush:

To clarify something here:
Are there 3 stages of growing - seedling, veg and flower? Because in my planning I had assumed the seedling and veg stages were the same but now appears they are separate?
How long should seedling stage last? It appears to be around 10-14 days.

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Hi there @fp420
Yep definitely 3 stages seedlings veg ans flower.
Think seedling stage is a bit longer than 2 weeks though :thinking:
In saying that i know of people that flip there lights to 12/12 just after a month
When you switch your lights to 12/12 thats what triggers your plant into flowering stage
Hope thats helpful :relieved:
How have you been anyway.
South of the north island in for some stronger than usual winds over the next few days i heard on the news.
Cheers :beers:

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I’m gonna have to study this and quickly. I have popped my plant back into my prop tent and running the light 15/9.
Just bought a complete set of locally made 2-part nutrients + calmag so I am almost ready to roll with Auto Pot.
Gave my lettuce plants to my Mother to pop in her indoor grow area. They haven’t been doing too well in mine. We are trying to work out why.
No sign of any storm here yet but getting cold. At peak winter I go through a 45kg cylinder of gas a week to stay warm.

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Correction - just checked and my prop light is 18/6.

I don’t know what I am doing. If my plant survives it will be a small miracle. If I get something out of it a bigger miracle.

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18/ 6 sounds more like it.
And dont worry. The beauty is your working under lights and not dependent on the seasonal sun.
Its all just a learning curve
I grew ditch weed seeds over the years just for fun.
Dig a hole usually to well hidden once in a while id go water them.
Go back when i thought they might be done
Pull them up plonk them somewhere out of the weather then remember them few months later all crispy and dried out.
Id smoke it must have tasted like hay
Wasnt til my seeds didnt strike one year and got onto a seed bank took the what seemed a daring thing to do and bought some seeds on line from ilgm.
They stopped selling to nz soon after.
My first seed i grew was gorilla glue and it was amazing from the stuff i grew before.
I grow outdoors so if i stuff up gotta wait til next year.
Under lights you can grow all year round.
You have found a rabbit hole :hole: and you have gone down it by the sounds of it.
But like Alice in wonder land :thinking:
You will just keep learning as you go.
I just finished my 4th grow and im still learning a lot.
There some great helpful growers from all over the world on here and every one has a passion to grow and share there wins and fails.
There plenty of both stick at it and you will get it dialed in.
Down load the growers bible if you haven’t already some great information in that.
Cheers for now

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Thats a lot of gas your going through in a week to keep warm @fp420

Whats the 2 part nutrients called
Who makes it ?

Here’s just a few growers that grow under lights all really helpful
Hope ive done it right the copy and paste thing not my strength :upside_down_face:
Hope my selected candidate dont mind either
Cheers :beers:

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Goliath Nutrients from Herbal House.

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There having a good discussion at the moment about seedings veg and flower check it out
Cheers :beers:


Hi there @fp420 hows things going for you and your grow?
Cheers :beers:

Just been stocking up on more stuff I will need. Bought a set of Goliath Nutrients and a Blue Lab PH and EC pens set. Oh, and a Eheim pump. I am intending to run that via an ACI UIS plug for a few minutes every few hours to keep things mixed up.

I am almost there.

No point buying the seeds and getting caught short part way through.

My test plant is slowly growing. I think I will move it from propagation to main grow tent on the 6th of June.


Awesome. Sounds like its a happening thing then.
Love your enthusiasm and passion your getting all the gears and properly set up by the sounds.
Id like to tag along you could call this your thead why not
Glad the germinated seed popped for you and is progressing
Cheers :beers: :clap: :v:

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