Any negative effect using rapid rooter plugs with grodan blocks?

First time grower here and I’ve germinated and have my seedlings started in rapid rooter plugs. ATM seedlings are about 2" and really just starting to get comfortable in their plugs in a seedling tray. I was thinking I wanted a little more of a stable root base before putting them in net pots and hydroton. My thinking here is a more stable root base allowing the root and plant to spread it’s mass making it stronger, so I picked up 4" cubes with the 2".5 center pockets, and looking for any info or experience on this matter.

Quick run did of my set up:

ILGM seeds:
White widow auto
Gold Leaf

Recerculating 25 gal
3x 3.5 bubble boy with net pots
600w vt600s viparspectra
4’ x 3’ x 6 grow tent
6" Intake fan w/carbon scrubber
Ph/Ec meter

AN grow,micro,bloom and voodoo juice

Greatly appreciated advice in advanced!
Grow big,Home grow

If anyone could tag others that would be great
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I don’t have any experience with rapid rooters or hydro. Maybe one of these guys can help or know who can help… @garrigan62 @Countryboyjvd1971

Not the rout that I would go… but there should be no problems… just make sure to keep an eye on moisture levels in the rook wool and rapid rooter… you don’t want your plants to damp off… :wink:

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Thanks for the assist

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@Donaldj any thoughts here
Sorry @Oldschooldrew but im a soil
Guy @peachfuzz is knowledgeable about hydro tho :wink:

Rapid rooters to my understanding are inert made of coco and I have never had problems using them in hydro or soil rockwool has always given me more grief. I tend to use 4" netpots and if going to larger netpots I will place plant in the 4" net pot to get it started then fill around it and use just like plug 4" into a 6" but I know some swear by 4" rockwool and still use rapid rooters to start cuttings

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Yeah after doing some more research I think I’m going to scrap that idea an just support the rooter with the hydroton. Thx


@Oldschooldrew that is working well for me, but this is my first grow.

As far as the 4" rockwoll cube.

This is meant to beused as you are using it, placing your 1.5" cube inside; However, this is designed to then be placed on top of a 40" rockwool slab, in a Dutch leach tray. and all is reusable.

Doing what you have in mind will not really increase root mass any more than if it were in the 3.75" netpots in the system. If you do go ahead and insert the starter into the 4" cube; You will need to trim off the corners before you will be able to fit them in the netpots.before making transplanting.

Hope this helps. Let meknow.

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