Any idea 💡 what’s causing these leaves to yellow?

:rofl: lol thanks though man

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Welcome. Looks good. Can pluck off all 4 leaves at bottom now np. I am a little to no defoliation guy on auto myself and those bottom energy drainers I always remove. Just me. Happy growing.

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Bottom leaves do that, no worries. You should be good on nutrients for awhile. Check runoff ppm and begin feeding when it drops below 1000 ppm. PH the water and water as needed. I wouldn’t rely on a moisture meter, unless it’s a good one. In my exerience, the cheapys are not at all accurate. I stopped using one and went based on weight of pot and sticking my finger down to the knuckle. If it’s moist, leave it. Cannabis in soil likes wet then dry approach to watering.

trying to help here. It appears you have 6 posts all about the same plant. Keep all your posts in one grow journal or thread so we aren’t bouncing around trying to figure out which thread you are currently using. This will help all of us help you much easier.