Any Aussie haveing postage problems?

Hi guys I live on the east coast of oz and ordered some seeds off robert about two months ago.
They never arrived after 30 days and robert did agree to send me some more beans.
That was on the 26th of June and still nothing?
How long does it take other aussies to get their beans off robert?
Just have an empty tent and am actually thinking about going bag seed as i need to start something soon as i need meds badly.

Hi @mr_comfy,

Make sure you follow up with Robert’s team at the e-mail you have in your e-mail order confirmation, or, better yet, at

Happy growing,


Hi, same problem here in the U.S. The day after tomorrow will make 60 days for me as well with no seeds. I will have to contact the (team) again to see if they can do something. At this point I don’t think their stealth shipping works. I do admit I am getting frustrated also:(

I just wanted to inform you my seeds have arrived. Yes it took a couple of tries but I never doubted the company.
It is true what they say about ILGM… Blody legends.
Thank you for the extra beans and i will be more than happy to shop with you again in the future.