Any advice or tips are welcome!

A question from a fellow grower:

day 7 in grow box….please tell me your opinion. this is my first time, have no idea…THANK YOU.

My guess is…it’s a seedling. I have no idea what you want to ask there’s no answer too no question. But it is a
Very healthy looking seedling.


Thanks Will. I was just wanting feedback, I am a rookie, and am also color blind! So I am not sure if the leaves are green or brown! Sux for me huh? Anyway, I thank you for the reply. I have the cashbox from Dealzer and have 4 seedlings growing with 2 spots empty. It is hotter than hell here right now so doing what I can to keep heat/humidity right. Have to say I am having LOTS of fun with this endeavor. Thanks again…

Well item sorry brother…they or it looks awesome nice and green.
But you got to get that heat under control